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Take note of the 10 best ways to prevent diabetes. How to prevent diabetes - With so many terrible complications caused by diabetes such as nerve damage, vision damage,... everyone should be proactive. Learn how to prevent diabetes to maintain good health...

Pocket now the 10 best ways to prevent diabetes

How to prevent diabetes - With many dangerous complications caused by diabetes such as nerve damage, vision damage…, everyone should proactively learn how to prevent diabetes to maintain health. Strong. Strong. in steady state.

As we know, diabetes is essentially a condition in which blood sugar levels increase too high, causing the body to always be tired, lose appetite,… and even more dangerous is kidney failure. vision loss, cardiovascular disease… So to keep your body healthy, please refer to and immediately apply the 10 diabetes prevention measures below!

Cut down on sugar and starch (Low-carb mode)

Reducing the amount of sugar and starch in the diet is a highly effective way to prevent diabetes. Sugar and starch are the two main ingredients that cause blood sugar levels to increase. Sugar products made from these two ingredients are used by many people such as soft drinks, sweet bread, salty bread, snacks,…

How to prevent diabetes

When processed through many stages, most of the fiber and vitamins are removed and the amount of sugar increases 3 or 4 times. When that food is put into the body, it will be absorbed very quickly, causing blood sugar levels to increase.

Therefore, the way to prevent diabetes is to reduce sugar and starch content and replace it with protein, vitamins…

Add more fiber content

The obvious effect of fiber is to balance weight and improve intestinal health. Many studies have shown that fiber is an important ingredient for weight loss in middle-aged women, obese people or people with diabetes.

Fiber is divided into two types: soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber will have the function of reducing the speed at which the body absorbs food, helping to increase blood sugar levels after eating. Insoluble fiber helps reduce blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that adding more fiber to the body is a recommended way to prevent diabetes.

How to prevent diabetes by increasing drinking filtered water

Filtered water is very good for the body, it provides enough minerals for the skin and also creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, helping you not have to consume many other sugary drinks. In addition, this way of preventing diabetes can also stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of high blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity in the body.

Replace large meals throughout the day with many small meals

Do not eat too much in one meal because there is a high risk of diabetes, especially for people who are sick or overweight. Breaking up meals into small portions will help the body absorb food at a slow rate, reducing the risk of sudden increases in blood sugar.

You should minimize the use of fast food

This is an important step in preventing diabetes. Fast food contains very high levels of fat and sugar and causes many diseases such as fatty blood, cardiovascular disease… Therefore, minimizing the consumption of those products will help the body prevent high risks. have diabetes.

Encourage vitamin D supplementation

Vitamin D is known for its ability to improve insulin use. Supplementing vitamin D helps regulate blood sugar better. According to research, people who do not supplement vitamin D will have a higher rate of diabetes than normal people. Therefore, an effective way to prevent diabetes is to supplement foods rich in vitamin D such as olive oil, fish…

How to prevent diabetes by increasing your exercise regimen

Exercise helps strengthen muscles and eliminate pathogens. Furthermore, this way of preventing diabetes also helps maximize the effectiveness of insulin in controlling the body's blood sugar level.

All studies show that patients with light intensity exercise will increase insulin sensitivity by up to 50-51% compared to normal people. If you exercise intensely, insulin sensitivity can reach 80-85%. So, with such high efficiency, practice diligently.

Minimize smoking and use of stimulants

Research shows that using stimulants, especially smoking, will increase the risk of disease many times. Developing regulations saying no to tobacco is an urgent solution to prevent diabetes.

An effective way to prevent diabetes is to use unsweetened coffee

In coffee there is an active ingredient called polyphenol that will help protect the body from diabetes. So, in addition to adding filtered water, you can also add coffee but in small quantities.

Strictly control weight

One of the ways to prevent diabetes recommended by doctors is to lose weight and maintain a suitable weight. Losing weight also means reducing pathogens as well as the risk of disease. Often people with diabetes will have the common characteristic of excess fat, especially in the abdominal area, also known as visceral fat. Excess fat leads to inflammation, insulin resistance and increased risk of diabetes. Therefore, weight loss and weight maintenance are very effective in preventing diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supplementing substances that are not harmful to the body is an extremely effective way to prevent diabetes that you should apply!

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