Knowledge about diabetes

Diabetes and basic knowledge everyone should know.

Botachi effervescent tablets: Herbal formula for diabetics

BOTACHI effervescent tablets – are the result of many years of research by Japanese and Indian experts, providing the best choice for Indian diabetics. Japanese and Indian experts realize the weaknesses of conventional diabetes treatment methods, so they always want to find solutions to support the treatment of this disease. Experts find Ginseng, Gymnema and […]
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Diabetes 1 & 2: Causes, symptoms and treatment solutions

Diabetes is one of the common diseases not only in India but in many countries around the world. Although there are currently modern treatments to control the development of the disease, most of them are only temporary. With groundbreaking new medical technology, Botachi is considered the best treatment for diabetes patients today. 1. Causes of […]
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Introducing MAXNOVA HEALTHCARE that produces Botachi

Botachi products are a strategic product line, manufactured by India’s leading cosmetic pharmaceutical company, Maxnova Healthcare. For those of you who are interested but don’t have much information about the brand, you can refer to the article below. 1. Overview of Maxnova Healthcare company that produces Botachi Maxnova Healthcare is definitely a leader in cosmeceuticals. […]
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Botachi tablets are the best for diabetes patients, aren’t them?

Manufactured by the latest modern Japanese technology, Botachi effervescent tablets are the leading pharmaceutical product of MAXNOVA HEALTHCARE with specific uses in treating diabetes. With breakthrough solutions in pharmaceutical technology, Botachi has helped many diabetic patients in India significantly reduce the signs of the disease and reverse the progression of diabetes. That’s why we can […]
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5 Treatment uses of Botachi effervescent tablets

Thanks to the most modern technology in medicine, Botachi is a specialized product line for patients with diabetes. Besides, it also helps patients improve their immune system, enhance brain function and improve cardiovascular health, having better sleep. There are 5 treatment uses of Botachi tablets following. 1. Stimulates the production of endogenous glucose metabolism hormones […]
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What is Diabetes ?

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that occurs when your blood sugar levels are higher than they should be. This condition can increase the risk of heart problems, kidney diseases and impact other parts of the body overtime. Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder characterised by high blood glucose […]
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