Botachi effervescent tablets: Herbal formula for diabetics

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BOTACHI effervescent tablets - are the result of many years of research by Japanese and Indian experts, providing the best choice for Indian diabetics.

Japanese and Indian experts realize the weaknesses of conventional diabetes treatment methods, so they always want to find solutions to support the treatment of this disease.

BOTACHI effervescent tablets: Herbal formula for diabetics

Experts find Ginseng, Gymnema and Astragalus very effective in treating diabetes. In particular, when applying Phytosome technology, it will bring many times higher efficiency.

The magic of Gymnema Sylvestre ingredients

One of the most loved and favored herbs for diabetes treatment in Japan is “Gymnema Sylvestre”, also known as “Gymnema” or “Gymnema”. Its Japanese name is "グルコマンナン."

Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant native to India and has been used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) for thousands of years to aid in the treatment of diabetes. However, it has been accepted and popularized in many countries, including Japan, as a complementary method in the treatment of diabetes.

Gymnema Sylvestre is said to have the ability to reduce glucose absorption in the intestines after eating, helping to control blood sugar levels. It is also said to have the ability to reduce the feeling of sweetness when exposed to sweetness in foods, thereby helping to reduce the need for sugar in the diet.

Bitter melon _ Miraculous medicine for diabetics.

One of the rare herbs used in some diabetes treatment products in Japan is “bitter melon” (Momordica charantia), also known as “bitter melon” or “bitter melon”.

Bitter melon is a tropical plant and is commonly found in Asia, including Japan. It has been used in folk medicine and traditional medicine systems of many countries to aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Bitter melon is said to have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels, helping to control blood sugar levels. It can also help improve sugar metabolism and insulin balance.

In addition, Bitter Melon is also considered a source of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which can help protect cells and improve the overall health of people with diabetes.

In addition, BOTACHI also contains many other precious medicinal herbs

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum): Cinnamon can be used as a supporting herb in the treatment of diabetes, which can help improve glucose utilization and insulin balance.

Ginkgo biloba (Astragalus): This herb may help improve the immune system and control blood sugar levels.

Ginseng helps improve or delay potential complications of diabetes. Specifically, ginsenosides in ginseng help the pancreas regulate the amount of insulin secreted to control blood sugar at a safe level.

Applying Phytosome technology in pharmaceutical production

Thanks to improved absorption and increased stability, the phytosome technology product has reduced the dosage of active ingredients in the phytophospholipid complex compared to conventionally extracted active ingredients. Phytosomal preparations have been very successful and effective in treating humans.

Phytosomes are an advanced method that improves nutrient solubility and absorption. Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients, BOTACHI's Phytosome technology is a remarkable new step forward. Helps enhance the effectiveness and absorption of nutrients from precious natural ingredients, enhancing the effectiveness of BOTACHI

When applying Phytosome technology to BOTACHI, precious natural ingredients such as Ginseng, Gymnema, Astragalus,… are covered with a layer of phospholipid, forming phytosomes. This helps protect valuable nutrients from breakdown from stomach acid.

Thanks to that, BOTACHI is more effective and has a longer duration of action.

The solubility of BOTACHI is very wide, the rate of active ingredients absorbed into the blood to exert its effect is very high. Specifically, it is 300 times higher than conventional products.

Thus, BOTACHI will help support effective diabetes treatment and prevent complications of diabetes by stimulating endogenous insulin production.

Pioneer of effervescent tablets for diabetics in India

Research shows that the effervescent form has the ability to absorb up to 98% compared to regular capsules and tablets. To bring a pleasant, easy-to-drink feeling to users, BOTACHI is supplemented with mannitol - a type of sugar specifically used for people with diabetes.

Mannitol sugar has a mild sweet taste but is not absorbed into the body so it is easy to drink, does not increase blood sugar levels, and is effective for all bodies, even those that have the most difficulty absorbing it.

uses of Botachi
BOTACHI - The first effervescent tablet for diabetics in India

In particular, Botachi meets the most stringent standards, is manufactured on the standard production line: MAXNOVA HEALTHCARE - PHARMACEUTICALS, equipped with the latest machinery and equipment today. The product has been tested and meets the most stringent standards in the field of pharmaceuticals, food, and health care and is allowed to be marketed.

Recognized effectiveness

Thanks to the above great advantages, since its launch, BOTACHI has always been well received and used very effectively by the diabetes community. It may take a long time to treat, but with BOTACHI, results will come from the first use.

Patients share that blood sugar levels gradually decrease. When blood sugar levels decrease, symptoms of frequent urination, nocturia, thirst, and numbness in the limbs also improve. In the following weeks, blood sugar levels will return to a safe level below 6.8. Patients eat better, sleep better, gain weight and have rosier skin. In particular, the spirit is very comfortable, no longer tired or stressed due to illness.

Diabetics who want to order products should buy from the company's genuine channels to avoid buying fake, counterfeit, or poor quality products.

How to buy genuine products:

  1. Fill out the form on the website
  2. Call the hotline: 9689099998
  3. Contact whatsApp: 0896468296 Lyn Pham.
  4. Contact email:

Free consultation (24/7) 9773797586


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