Take a look at the 6 most recognizable signs of diabetes

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6 recognizable signs of diabetes. Diabetes is now an increasingly common disease.

According to a report by the Indian Council of Medical Research, about 11.4% of the population, or about 101 million people, are diagnosed with diabetes, up from 70 million in 2019. Meanwhile, 136 Millions of other Indians are in the pre-diabetic stage. stage.

Research also shows that diabetes is more common in urban areas than in rural areas, with the majority of patients having type 2 diabetes. Health experts say unhealthy lifestyles and lack of exercise are causes. main cause of the increase in diabetes cases.

6 recognizable signs of diabetes

Diabetes is now an increasingly common disease.

The “white paper” on diabetes care and management in India released said the number of people with diabetes in the country could exceed 100 million by 2030 from the previous estimate of 87 million. . Today, more than 61 million people in India have diabetes, up more than 12% from 50.8 million last year.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that about 9.2% of adults in India have diabetes, second only to China. In 2012, diabetes claimed the lives of 983,000 people in India, leading the number of deaths due to disease in the country.

Speaking at the recent summit on non-communicable diseases (NCD), organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry and pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in New Delhi, Ms. Sayeda Hameed (Sayeda Hameed), member of the The Indian Planning Board said that although many national and state-level programs have been implemented to prevent and treat diabetes and raise people's awareness of the harmful effects of the disease. In this regard, there needs to be coordination of many social sectors to respond to the challenges caused by NCDs in the coming time.

Some people can have diabetes for months or even years without realizing they have the disease because the signs may be insignificant. Don't rely on subjective feelings but rely on the blood sugar index during a routine health check.

However, recognizing the signs of diabetes is essential for each person to promptly detect and treat as soon as possible. Below are some of the most recognizable signs of diabetes for you to quickly refer to and make the decision to see a doctor when necessary.

  • Constant thirst :
ecognizable signs of diabetes
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  • Urinating many times a day

If the number of times you urinate per day is greater than 7, you may have diabetes. The reason is because the body wants to eliminate excess sugar, the kidneys have to work harder so you urinate more.

  • Abnormal weight loss

Our body is like a machine – it needs fuel to function. And the main fuel for the body is sugar (glucose). Weight loss due to loss of glucose through urine. Diabetes causes the body to be unable to metabolize energy from food and is forced to get energy from fat and muscle. Insulin deficiency leads to reduced protein and fat synthesis, increased protein and fat digestion, inevitably leading to weight loss. In this case, remember to check your body immediately.

  • Hungry and tired

When the body cannot absorb enough sugar in the blood to release energy due to lack of insulin, excess sugar will be stored in the blood and eliminated from the body. Therefore, the body's need to eat for more energy will increase to compensate for the lack of energy, leading to a constant feeling of hunger and fatigue.

ecognizable signs of diabetes
  • Vulnerable to infections and fungal infections

High blood sugar levels and the immune system (the body's self-defense mechanism) are inhibited, reducing the body's resistance, leading to susceptibility to infections and fungi. Therefore, people with diabetes often feel itchy on the body, especially in the genitals.

  • Weak eyesight

High blood sugar will destroy the capillaries at the bottom of the eyes, leading to bleeding and edema, especially in the macula, which will reduce vision even if you did not have eye diseases before.

In addition, other symptoms such as slow wound healing or numb or tingling limbs can also be signs of diabetes. However, in some cases, even if your body shows no abnormalities, you may still have diabetes. Therefore, you should have regular health checks, combined with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise to prevent diabetes today.

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