Symptoms of early diabetes

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Symptoms of early diabetes that patients need to understand Symptoms of diabetes - Diabetes is confirmed to be an extremely dangerous disease, in addition to complications for the patient such as nerve damage , skin, eyes,…. can also cause death. Common reasons…

Patients need to clearly understand the symptoms of early diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes - Diabetes is confirmed to be an extremely dangerous disease. In addition to complications for the patient such as damage to nerves, skin, eyes… it can also cause death. The common cause of the disease is because they do not detect the disease even though symptoms of diabetes in the early stages have appeared.

According to the latest 2019 statistics from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the number of patients with diabetes reached 463 million. So how to detect the disease as early as possible for treatment? All questions will be answered below with symptoms of early stage diabetes!

How are symptoms of early diabetes understood?

Patients in the early stages are considered the mildest stages of diabetes.

According to scientists' analysis, diabetes is essentially a condition in which the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin or does produce it but cannot use it. This causes a lack of insulin, resulting in sugar not being able to enter cells. Without sugar, the body's ability to function will decrease, and blood sugar levels will rise too high and be harmful to health. People with early stage diabetes are diagnosed with higher than normal blood sugar levels, the measured Glucose index will drop to 126mg/dl (when fasting).

If most patients are detected early, the treatment and cure rate will reach 80-95%. However, detecting the disease in the early stages is also very difficult because the symptoms will not be clear and difficult to recognize.

As for patients whose disease has been detected, they should not use too much medicine. Come and listen to your doctor's advice to know the most effective treatment. Mainly in the early stages of diabetes, treatment will depend on dietary changes and daily exercise. Although simple, it has the ability to significantly reduce sugar levels.

Early detection thanks to early stage diabetes symptoms.

Symptoms of early diabetes

Because it is a dangerous disease and causes many complications, when the following symptoms of early diabetes appear, the patient must quickly go to the hospital for timely examination and treatment.

  • Frequently hungry: Because of lack of insulin, sugar cannot reach cells, especially brain cells. Therefore, the body does not have enough energy and always feels hungry. Even after eating, brain cells still send signals to the stomach to continue adding more food. Therefore, consuming too much food and drink will cause blood sugar levels to increase.
  • Frequent urination: this is the most obvious sign of the disease. When the amount of sugar in the blood is too high and cannot be fully absorbed into the cells, the body will directly excrete it. Therefore, diabetics always urinate a lot and the time between urination is not too long. At night, they often have to wake up 4-5 times.
  • Or headaches, dizziness, body fatigue: because the body does not have enough energy to feed cells, the patient always feels tired and heavy. Sometimes carrying or lifting heavy objects will make your head feel dizzy.
  • Blurred vision: People with diabetes will experience impaired vision, blood sugar levels are too high leading to eye socket pain or even fluid can be pushed out of the lens. The image seen through the eyes will be blurred (flying phenomenon). If the disease is detected early, it can be treated promptly.
  • Wounds also take a long time to heal: wounds on the skin of people with diabetes often take longer to heal than normal people due to nerve cell complications that prevent them from being able to feel. pain due to injury. Therefore, the wound may become more seriously infected and necrotic. In addition, peripheral vascular complications also reduce blood supply to tissues in scratched skin areas. This leads to creating conditions for bacteria to attack more strongly.
  • Skin abnormalities: people with diabetes will experience tingling skin and dark patches on the neck and armpits. This condition occurs because frequent urination causes the body to lack water, so the skin becomes dry. Complications of diabetes damage the blood vessels under the skin (usually in the arms, hands, feet), so the patient will feel itchy. every early morning. It is a sign of high blood sugar and hormonal disorders
  • Sudden weight loss: despite always supplementing food, the patient's weight decreases significantly. The reason is that the body cannot absorb sugar into the blood, leading to the need to break down protein or burn fat in tissue to get energy to feed the body.

To live a healthy life, when you notice the symptoms of this early stage, get treatment promptly. Besides, please exercise diligently and eat moderately to ensure your health.

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